Antique Rose Floral Bow Knot Headband

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Our Antique Rose Floral Top Knot Headband is a stunning and classic print. It is a gorgeous antique rose colour. This beautiful print also has hints of white, blush and gum green! 

These gorgeous, soft knit fabric top knot headbands are a fun alternative to our traditional headbands. Great for finishing off a casual look!

How these differ from our Top Knot Headbands???

Please note that the small and medium size are the same width as the large version and all of the have a square "bow like" end, instead of our curved leaf style end. All bow knots come untied so that they can be perfectly fitted to you or your child’s head. This bow knot is made from a cotton/elastane fabric, so it has a lovely stretch to it.

    ***The 'How to tie your Top Knot Headband' video is applicable to this design also.

    Please note that due to the natural variations in the pattern of the fabric, your headband may not look exactly like those featured here.

    Eloise is 4 months old and wears the small size bow knot headband.

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    ***Please note that due to the handmade nature of our products, these measurements may vary slightly.